IoT-Powered Sustainable Finance

IoT-Powered Sustainable Finance


AQUILA your trusted provider of the Triple-A ESG Data


In the complex landscape of sustainable finance, decision-making is only as good as the data that informs it. Our platform sources ESG data from an expansive network of sensors, satellites, and IoT devices. These state-of-the-art technologies enable real-time monitoring with unparalleled precision. From tracking carbon emissions to measuring water quality, our data accuracy eliminates guesswork and sets a new standard for sustainability assessments. This level of accuracy provides Financial Institutions the confidence they need to issue, manage, and invest in sustainable projects.


Time is money, and in today’s digital age, automation is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. Our platform fully automates the ESG data collection process, freeing your team from the cumbersome manual tracking and self reporting of sustainability metrics. With real-time data sourced directly from sensors and satellites, we offer an always-on, always-updated snapshot of your sustainability performance. This automated streamlining translates to quicker decision-making, reduced overhead, and a more agile response to sustainability challenges and opportunities.


Transparency and accountability are paramount in the financial sector, particularly when it comes to the growing field of sustainable finance. Our ESG data isn’t just Accurate and Automated—it’s also Auditable. The rich, granular data we collect provides a comprehensive audit trail, which is indispensable for compliance and reporting requirements. Financial institutions can effortlessly verify the sustainability metrics of their projects, thereby building trust with regulators, investors, and stakeholders alike. In an industry where your reputation is your most valuable asset, our auditable data offers the assurance of integrity.

Triple-A Data at every step of financial product lifecycle on a mission to revolutionize the Sustainable Finance lifecycle. This is how AQUILA ESG Platform helps in Issuing, Monitoring, and Reporting of financial products and asset portfolio.


Issue: Speed-to-Market with Confidence: Issue Sustainable Financial Products Backed by Triple-A Data


Monitor: Stay Ahead with Real-Time Insights: Seamlessly Monitor the Sustainability Metrics of Your Financial Products


Report: Compliance Made Easy: Generate Auditable ESG Reports at the Click of a Button


Thanks to a growing network of trusted partners able to collect detailed data across all key industries:


Energy efficiency, Water, Waste, Vibration, CO/CO2 Level, Temperature, and more – Monitor power consumption of machinery and production units, improve efficiency, report on anomalies.

Real Estate

Energy efficiency, AirCon efficiency, Ventilation, CO/CO2 Level, Indoor air quality, Temperature, Refrigeration efficiency, and more – Track energy consumption in buildings, Detect space occupancy, automate lighting and HVAC systems for improved energy efficiency.


Water usage efficiency, Energy use efficiency, Waste production, Irrigation efficiency, Moisture, Temperature, GHG Emissions, and more – Track overall cultivation sustainability and productivity.


GPS, Fuel, Air Pressure, Cameras – track and report load efficiency, vehicle’s safety and drivers’ compliance.

Research and Insights

Data Challenges in Sustainable Finance

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Navigating ESG Reporting Standards: A Comprehensive Mapping Guide

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Our partners

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Aquila, whose support has helped drive our sustainable finance initiatives in South East Asia.”

“Aquila’s real-time and accurate data has been crucial in providing us with visibility over our regional operations.”

“The lack of credible ESG performance data is a huge impediment for impact investors, slowing down the injection of capital in truly deserving projects. AQUILA’s solution using innovative technologies like IoT sensors and AI-driven actionable insights from real-time data equips investors like myself with a useful lens to evaluate and assess our investments.”