Mizuho Doubling Down on Sustainable Finance with a Record $1.4B Green Bond


  • Mizuho increases sustainable finance goal
  • Targets JPY 100 trillion by 2030
  • Part of new medium-term plan
  • Issued $1.4 billion green bond
  • Fifth green bond from Mizuho

Tokyo’s financial powerhouse Mizuho has recently set its sights on a bold new target: facilitating JPY 100 trillion ($USD 700 billion) in sustainable finance by 2030, doubling the previous commitment to JPY 50 trillion in environment and climate change-related finance. This ambitious revision marks a significant leap from Mizuho’s initial 2030 objective, outlined last year, of rolling out JPY 25 trillion in sustainable finance, including JPY 12 trillion targeted at environmental initiatives.

The heightened sustainable finance objective forms a core component of Mizuho’s revamped medium-term business blueprint. The plan places a strong emphasis on fostering personal well-being, supporting a sustainable society and economy, spurring structural transformation in industry and economy, and encouraging the advent of cutting-edge technologies to achieve a low-carbon society.

In a noteworthy move, Mizuho disclosed the issuance of a $1.4 billion green bond – its largest to date and an unprecedented move for Japanese finance. The funds garnered from this significant offering will fuel Mizuho Bank’s green projects, predominantly focusing on renewable energy. This issuance becomes the fifth green bond from Mizuho, following the successful offerings of $500 million and €800 million last year.

This way Mizuho is intensifying its efforts towards a sustainable society. The institution is committed to orchestrating Sustainability Transformation in tandem with its customers, driving not only sustainable finance but also novel solutions leveraging its expertise and capabilities beyond conventional financing.